Timely question

SIR - ‘Doubts of Faith’ (November 25) contained a number of very good questions about faith stemming from Primley URC’s notice board affirmation that ‘Jesus is alive’.

It is the last question, ‘who has any answers?’ that really caught my attention. Everyone is welcome to explore such questions - and many I am sure weren’t raised - with any of the Christian fellowships throughout the Sid Valley.

However, as the gentleman was inspired to write having passed Primley URC, I would encourage you to start there - speak with any of the congregation, Elders or Minister and explore with them what opinions, beliefs and proofs there are.

For me in this short response, the greatest proof is in the lives transformed by Jesus’ living presence.

What a wonderful time of year to be wishing to explore if God exists - absolutely brilliant. Thank you.

Graham Tarn

Primley United Reformed Church