Tongue in cheek!

SIR - Alan Weaver, Sylvia Brownlee and Jon Leask seem to have missed, or chosen to miss, the point of my letter - ‘At last a decent cup of coffee in Sidmouth’.

I have tried probably six of the establishments mentioned, plus a couple more, and it may be possible to get a perfectly acceptable filter coffee, or standard latte, but the problems arise when requesting a skinny option or a wider choice. On the four occasions I visited Costa Coffee during FolkWeek, I took particular interest in what people were ordering. In the fairly long queues, probably every other person was requesting a skinny option, with a smattering of iced coffees, mochas, americanos, etc. They were not met with “sorry, only semi-skimmed milk” or “no, we don’t do that”. And what they did serve was of a consistently good quality.

My remarks concerning Wetherspoons and Travelodge were tongue in cheek, although I would say, that I eat in many Wetherspoons all along the South Coast and have never experienced any worse behaviour in those compared to other establishments. In fact, they are generally well-managed.

Jennifer Corrick

via email