Traffic concerns


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Residents of Salcombe Hill and Salcombe Regis have valid concerns about the impact of moving the FolkWeek campsite.

Many attendees also have reservations and these have been aired on internet discussion groups.

I have stewarded at festivals and I understand traffic management. I have also driven festival minibuses.

A principle concern is using buses up and down Salcombe Hill when there will inevitably be pedestrians using the same inadequate and dangerous road, and especially at night.

The Sidmouth Hopper operates only in daylight. It is rarely fully loaded and does not have to weave around scores of pedestrians.

We do not understand how the organisers intend to move hundreds of people within an hour or less from the town centre to the campsite (or in the other direction) using only a few small buses and along a road that is inherently unsuitable. A very frequent shuttle service would be required - having reference to the numbers of people who travel to and from the Bulverton campsite at peak periods.

East Devon District Council licensing procedures may be inadequate. I have asked Devon Councty Council for a copy of the purported ‘traffic management’ plan.

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EDDC’s remit includes public safety and public nuisance. At other folk festivals, pedestrian safety is competently addressed.

For example, at Towersey there is a 200m stretch of flat, easily traversed road much used by pedestrians and only little traffic.

It is lit at night using small petrol or diesel generators.

The Salcombe Hill route is much longer and vastly more risky for both pedestrians and drivers.

We are promised a competent traffic plan – and it must be subjected to detailed public scrutiny.

It might be best to have all buses routed via Fortescue and the A3052.

Dr Stephen J Wozniak

1 Packhorse Close