Traffic plea

SIr - Total pedestrianisation of Sidmouth’s town centre is unlikely to happen. Very few people, probably nobody, wants it, so Mrs Sheila Kerridge of Vinnicombe’s Bakery need not worry.

Everyone I speak with seems to feel that most of the town’s traffic problems focus on Fore Street.

For many years, residents have been saying “An accident in Fore Street is waiting to happen”. One or two people point out it hasn’t happened yet, but the commonsense view is - Why wait until it does? Everyone knows that Fore Street is hazardous for pedestrians.

Perhaps a solution might be Fore Street becoming a ‘pedestrian friendly’ zone, like Old Fore Street.

Private cars would be permitted to pass along, but not allowed to park without a disabled disc, the emergency services would have access and, in Old Fore Street, most commercial deliveries are made before 10am.

Of course, there are other things to consider. I am reliably told that, a few days ago, a lady was knocked off her bicycle and her glasses smashed in the High Street, where it would be sensible to make the traffic all “One Way”. It has also been suggested that an underground tier at Manor Road Car Park would alleviate some of the parking problems, with a “hopper bus” to The Triangle. Another idea is to encourage the very biggest lorries, with only tiny deliveries, to park for a short time at The Ham Car Park. A traffic survey is essential.

The important thing is, shopping in Sidmouth should be a safe and pleasant experience, so increased trade will follow.

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It would be interesting to learn the views of other readers who may have helpful ideas on the subject.

Miriam Brown

‘Karenza’, 6 Lennox Avenue, Sidmouth