Trail manners!

SIR - Having just returned from a holiday on the north coast of Cornwall, in which a “must do” is always to walk part of The Camel Trail.

This year was no exception and, having chosen the only hot and sunny day, the Camel Trail was teeming with people. The variety of bicycles was entertaining, ordinary “sit-up-and-beg” cycles, tandems, tandems with mini-cycles attached for the four year olds, and one cycle with side car attached for the use of a very small dog!

There were many walkers as well; in fact, the 8ft wide track was being well worn that morning.

Now the amazing thing was this. Firstly, everyone called out a cheery greeting and, secondly, no-one got in anyone else’s way.

This, despite the fact there were plenty of potholes and large puddles. Never once, as mere “walkers”, were we splashed or startled by silent cyclists coming up behind - everyone was so considerate, it was a joy.

I never cease to wonder, therefore, why it has been considered necessary to spend thousands of pounds carving up The Byes in order to make separate tracks to keep walkers and cyclists apart.

It is a sad indictment on the people of Sidmouth (and I was born here) that such is our intolerance of fellow-travellers, we lay a burden on the council to provide means to keep us from falling out with each other! Instead we should be rejoicing at the privilege we have to live and enjoy such a beautiful valley —TOGETHER.

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