Transport danger

SIR - I refer to Councillor Stuart Hughes’s recent letter in the Sidmouth Herald on the subject of 40ft-long containers being transported along the roads in Sidmouth.

I can only repeat what I have said before, ie the transport of 40ft-long containers along the roads of Sidmouth is illegal under international law which states “the transportation of 40 ft-long containers is confined to sea or by rail” – NOT BY ROAD.

The transport of these containers along our roads is highly dangerous and should be stopped in accordance with this international law.

I came to Sidmouth at a time when British Rail was complaining their passenger services were being disrupted as a result of 40ft-long containers being transported by rail.

Someone, I repeat, someone then gave approval for 40ft-long containers to be transported by road as well as rail in these areas, a very dangerous decision in my opinion. This does not alter the fact this does not comply with international law.

Many of my letters on this subject have been sent to the editor of the Sidmouth Herald who, in turn, has sent them to Councillor Hughes for comment, before considering publication. There has been no comment from Councillor Hughes.

Harry Walkden

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