Viability question

SIR - I think, by now, we all know the “rules” as to what has to be built on this site, an hotel.

But, last Friday’s Sidmouth Herald had an article headlined “Question looms over holiday flat decision.”

That decision should be very simple. If the planning bosses have been asked to consider anything other than an hotel, they should tell those submitting these proposals to go away, as there is nothing to discuss.

The article in questions was with reference to a meeting at Kennaway House, where ZeroC Managing Director, Kim Stowe, revealed details of his proposals for a 40 apartment development, no an hotel.

The last two paragraphs of this article are very disturbing.

“Mr Stowe said the whole thing boiled down to viability”.

He added: “A fully residential project would mean the firm could hand over more cash to be spent on affordable housing and tourism elsewhere in the town.”

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Who does this man think he is, offering his blatant cash bribes? If the planning bosses even hesitate to consider this, then they are as bad as he is.

I, personally, would not trust any of them.

B Leonard

“Bramley Cottage”, 2 Bowd Court, Sidmouth