Vote and make a difference!

SIR - I found myself reading Ralph Gray’s letter in last week’s Herald and agreeing with most of his points he made about me, although I suspect he wasn’t intending them as compliments! It is quite true that:

I have kept people informed regularly in relation to various large-scale planning applications in West Hill (I have not, though, urged people to object)

I have led protests at the Knowle against the horrendous Local Development Framework plans for mass development in East Devon, simultaneously wielding placards.

I have, indeed, been accompanied at these protests by an ‘equally vociferous independent councillor’ – who goes by the name of Roger Giles (and dozens of other concerned people from across East Devon)

Given speeches at numerous Development Management Committee meetings, against this mass development

Communities Before Developers suspects that some councillors at EDDC hoped to get these damaging plans approved under the radar. Interestingly, all EDDC’s LDF-related publicity failed to mention the numbers of houses or industrial estates proposed – or, in fact, that countryside protections were weakened.

Mr Gray says he can’t wait until May to express his opinion through the ballot box. I applaud his enthusiasm for the elections.

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I hope that each resident will grab their chance to vote with both hands on May 5 and, importantly, vote for the candidate (regardless of political persuasion) who they are confident will represent their views. It could make all the difference.

Claire Wright

Communities Before Developers and

Ottery St Mary Town Councillor for West Hill

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