Vote independent

re. Ottery St Mary Town Council

So, the town council is scared of its two independent councillors.

What arrant nonsense to blame them for cash starvation from East Devon council. Both Claire Wright and Roger Giles do an excellent job on the town council and there may be an element of jealousy that their votes are weighed rather than counted.

The town council over the past few months have made themselves the laughing stock of the county with their persistent bullying of our two gallant independents. In order that Ottery St Mary Town Council does not become the rotten borough of devon, I suggest at the next local election the council may be stuffed with independent councillors. You never know, it may catch on at East Devon council, especially as they may be wasting £1million of our money at SkyPark for their new offices.

Tony Russell, Beech Park, West Hill, Ottery St Mary