Waste of money?

SIR - What would you do with half a million pounds?

How would you spend a spare £0.5million? I know what I would do. Give money to organisations that help people in need such as Shelter, the Samaritans or the Memory Cafe.

I would help youngsters by setting up training schemes, providing bursaries and building some low cost starter units and offices. I would provide a roof over young people’s heads by building some social housing in appropriate locations. I would employ local builders to carry out some maintenance on my own property.

How would I spend £0.5million if I were East Devon District Council? Easy. I would give money to outside consultants to draw up detailed plans for luxury houses to be built on public gardens.

I would pay for more consultants and senior officers to run consultation road shows which I would then ignore. I would apply to myself for planning permission which I would then refuse.

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What a sad, sad waste of public money. Surely someone must answer for this shambles. But surely, as well, the time has come for the council to start talking and listening before good money follows bad.

Kelvin Dent, Redleaf, Knowle Drive, Sidmouth

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