Waste of money?

The headline “A new chain for our mayor” (Ottery Herald front page last week) - how ridiculous!

We have a hard-working and perfectly adequate mayor. If a chain is necessary, go straight to Abbotts and buy a good, British steel item. We don’t require to spend £2,000.

If we go ahead and buy a gold chain, think of all the ‘bru-ha-ha’ involved! Insurance, security, ‘et al’.

Go to Abbotts, our nationally senior ironmongers. They will show our councillors a great assortment - possibly a chain with a handle marked ‘Pull!!!’

We came to Ottery back in 1962. In that year we had a railway station. We also had a bus service and could go to a show in Exeter, returning on the last bus.

Spend your £2,000 on the much-needed foodbank!

Don Ryan

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Winters Lane, Ottery St Mary

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