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I am writing to you to register my amazement at East Devon District Council’s plan to close the public toilets at Branscombe.

We have been coming on holiday to Branscombe for over 30 years, and can vouch for the usefulness of these toilets for many people.

Branscombe beach is a highly popular destination for holidaymakers and people having days out.

Visitors to Branscombe generally stay at the beach for long periods – often for the whole day. What are they supposed to do if they need to go to the toilet? I can’t imagine the beach cafe would be too keen on making their small toilet open to all-comers.

I really do think the council needs to think again about this decision. It is frankly short-sighted, idiotic, and totally unjustifiable.

Make small financial savings by hitting the people who actually bring revenue into the county through the holiday trade?

Where’s the sense in that?

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Steve Walker