We could buy park

I write concerning the future of Knowle and, in particular, its beautiful (but, I suspect, not-too-well-known) park.

Might I suggest that there’s only one way to guard this from the developers and guarantee its long-term future - which is for those of us concerned enough to come together and buy it?

I, therefore, propose a fund be established, possibly under the aegis of either the Sid Vale Association or the chamber of commerce, to a) begin gathering both actual donations and pledges from both individuals and businesses and, b) seek a ‘first refusal’ guarantee from East Devon District Council for whenever Knowle comes onto the market. Once purchased, the park could be gifted to the town, with suitable covenant safeguards, in perpetuity.

Should the fund also allow the purchase of the present council offices, these could be converted to either residential or holiday accommodation, the capital raised being invested for the maintenance of the park.

What do my fellow Sidmothians think? Are we that concerned?

The peace of Christ be with you.

Rev David J C Wheeler

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