We’ll miss you all

Away to South Wales this month, June 2013. We are moving abroad (!) to be near Nigel, Alyson and seven-year-old Isaac, at their request.

We have been very happy residing in delightful Regency Sidmouth for 17 years, making many friends at the Sidmouth Bridge Club, Sidford Women’s Institute, Twyford House, and not forgetting Sidmouth Gardening Club.

We have been lucky in having nice neighbours and extend especial thanks to Debbie and her friends at the Devon Air Ambulance shop in Church Street, welcoming us many times with our worldly goods so cheerfully as soon as the doors opened at 9am during the past few weeks. And now to say farewell.

Instead of the Esplanade and the hotels bedecked with flowers galore, we have the magnificent Caerphilly Castle with moat and green sward in the town centre, and all surrounded with mountain views – what more could one ask for?

And now to start again. We will miss you all.

Maureen and Dan Godfrey

Newlands Close

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