We need cleaner forms of energy

I agree entirely with Miriam Brown that fracking is not the answer to our energy problem, and that it is simply delaying investment in real alternatives.

I believe that nuclear power is a dangerous red herring in this context, however, this is what the Green Party has to say on this issue:

“The Green Party is fundamentally opposed to nuclear energy, which we consider to be expensive and dangerous. The technology is not carbon neutral, and being reliant on uranium, it is not renewable. We consider its use, moreover, to be elitist and undemocratic. There is, so far, no safe way of disposing of nuclear waste. To a degree unequalled by even the worst of other dangerous industries, the costs and dangers of nuclear energy and its waste will be passed on to future generations long after any benefits have been exhausted.”

We need clean, safe, affordable energy for our long-term future. Investment in renewables – with maximum local control – and large-scale energy efficiency programmes is the way forward.

For more information on Green Party energy and other policies, visit greenparty.org.uk

Sharon L Howe

East Devon Green Party,

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