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SIR - This Remembrance Sunday, as our thoughts turn to the sacrifices made by members of the armed forces, I would ask your readers to spare a moment for the remarkable men and women of the Royal Air Force.

Today, the RAF is deployed worldwide, defending our skies at home and supporting our troops in Afghanistan, as well as playing a vital role in toppling the tyrannical regime of Colonel Gaddafi in Libya.

Seventy years ago, the RAF was just as stretched, flying to defend the UK, Malta, Egypt and the Atlantic supply lines. Like their successors, they also fought to defeat a tyrant regime. By then we had won the Battle of Britain, but bomber missions over Hitler’s Germany during November 1941 were hazardous in the extreme, with crews suffering a loss rate of around ten percent.

The RAF Benevolent Fund was on hand then and is still here today, supporting all generations of the Royal Air Force, including those currently serving. Our mission is to honour their sacrifice by looking after the RAF family, helping to repay what Winston Churchill called the ‘Debt We Owe’ to all RAF personnel.

At this time of giving thanks, I would urge anyone with a Royal Air Force background who is in need of help or support to contact our free advice line on 0800 169 2942 or via our website: www.rafbf.org

You can also find out ways of getting involved with our work. We receive no government funding and could not do what we do without the magnificent support we receive from the RAF and general public.

I would like to close by paying my own tribute to all those serving in the RAF today. Their bravery, commitment and enduring spirit are worthy of the highest traditions of the Royal Air Force and this Remembrance Sunday we will stop to give thanks for all that the RAF does in defence of our freedom.

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Air Marshal Sir Robert Wright,


RAF Benevolent Fund