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Knowle data is clear and freely available.

I am writing in response to the letters from Robin Fuller and Jeremy Woodward published in the Sidmouth Herald on July 19, where both continue to ignore the facts considered by the East Devon District Council cabinet in coming to their decision to look at other sites for new offices.

We were presented with a clear analysis of the situation at Knowle and the options for staying on the site. All of this detailed information is freely available to anyone on the EDDC website.

We considered the evidence, debated the issues at length, and in the final analysis agreed with the report’s conclusion that staying at Knowle is not in the best interest of all of the district’s council taxpayers.

I’m sorry Mr Woodward takes exception to our infographic, which is based on information in the published report.

We hoped the visual would bring to life for people the often dry facts and figures that councillors take into consideration when coming to what are difficult but important decisions.

I want to assure your readers we have indeed all the calculations that both writers suggest. However, with advice from suitably qualified experts in the field, we have drawn different conclusions. We have to agree to disagree.

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We do appreciate the strong feelings some Sidmouth folk have on this issue, but to emphasise the point again we are a district council and have a duty to act in the best interests of all the district’s residents.

Phil Twiss

EDDC Cabinet Member, Corporate Services