Where to build?

As a regular visitor to Sidmouth it occurs to me that if the council can build on park land, ie the Knowle, where is the next plot selected for new housing?

1. The Ham, including the children’s play area.

I noticed in the Sidmouth Herald (September 14) that a promised replacement play area for the children of Stowford Rise has not, so far, materialised. But 133 houses have.

2. The Byes, either side of the National Trust area.

3. Allotments.

Further, does the council own any of the following: football or rugby pitches, cricket grounds or bowling greens?

I am sure you can think of other council grounds which could be vulnerable?

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I will be contributing personally to the SOS fund, and I would recommend others interested in stopping this to make a donation, however small, to try and stop the council building on recreational grounds.

I don’t think writing letters will have any effect, but paying for a planning consultant to challenge East Devon District Council’s plans might save the Knowle and other parks etc that the council might decide to build on.

Harry Light

Salterton Road