Why make cycle parking an issue?


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In last week’s Sidmouth Herald an article entitled “Cycle parking in the offing” caught my eye (June 6, page nine).

Councillor David Addis stated that he was disappointed to see cyclists using seafront railings as points to secure their bikes.

Surely we should be encouraging cyclists to cycle down to the seafront and not use their cars? Who really has an issue with this?

The odd bike here and there neatly secured to the railings hardly blocks the Esplanade or spoils the view.

People who have cycled to the seafront may want to keep an eye on their often expensive bikes whilst they are on the beach – and where better to lock them up than on the seafront railings?

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Most responsible cyclists do not cycle along the Esplanade. Yes, penalise those that do and break the law, but do not penalise the majority for the minority.

Many readers I am sure have never seen this as an issue, so why make it one?

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Phil Harlow


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