Why not listen?

Newton Poppleford is well known for its traffic problems, especially near the exit to King Alfred Way (KAW), where the pinch point restricts the movement of traffic on a busy road.

Residents of KAW have to park in the road and children play in the area, but East Devon District Council in their wisdom are planning for Clinton Devon Estates to build a new estate of 40 houses and the supposed doctor’s surgery and to have entry right through this road.

At the top of KAW is a footpath, Farthings Lane, which gives people from the west of the village a safe passage into the village, but especially the children who now have a safe walk to school, missing the pinch point of the busy A3052.

When 40 houses and the supposed doctor’s surgery are built, a road will be put across this footpath taking away the only safe way for the children to get to school.

There are safer places to build the much needed affordable houses in the village. Why don’t EDDC listen to the 400 people who say no more traffic for the High Street in Newton Poppleford?

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Judith Cullip

(via email)

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