Why oppose it?


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I wonder what it is that the council has against the Peak Hill bridge.

Apparently Devon County Council leader John Hart has basically stated that, come what may, you are not going to get it!


I have photographs of elderly people crossing the road and struggling up the steps.

There is no pavement on the garden side, which sports a notice stating that disabled access is available 60 metres to the right.

There is a short length of pavement on the car park side, less than half that distance, after which there is no pavement on either side.

I have a very telling photo of two young mothers with their pushchairs reaching the end of that bit of pavement and dashing across the road.

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Wheelchair users also must also take their chance on crossing the road at that point. These facts alone demand a bridge.

The council dredges up all sorts of arguments against the bridge.

A previous example being that it would ‘spoil the view’.

How pathetic.

Now they are attempting to drag in height considerations quoting an EU directive.

This attempt to invoke the EU shows the depths that the council is prepared to stoop. It is not an EU rule, it is ultimately down to county councils!

They talk about narrowing the road. How are the high vehicles, especially those towing trailers, that the council envisages hurtling to Otterton and back going to negotiate a pinch point?

A section of footway with disabled access? Why should not wheel and pushchair users have decent access to and from the garden/car park?

Or are they a section of the populace that doesn’t warrant consideration?

The worst solution, even worse than the council’s preferred option of doing nothing, would be that of a zebra crossing. Is this best that they can come up with?

They don’t appear to appreciate that what is required is a safe, easy method of joining the level of the car park to that of the garden without having to negotiate two lots of steps and waiting for a gap in the traffic to be able to cross the road.

At least should the folly of a zebra crossing come to pass, it will stand as a monument to the crassness of the council.

Finance is available, plans for the bridge are well advanced; there is no valid reason for not going ahead.

It appears that the only stumbling block is the council.

Cllr John Hart should give us the real reason for his opposition.

GT Bungay

Woolbrook Road