Why so twisted?


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Whilst staying with my parents in Sidmouth, I decided to take my wife and two small children to the swimming pool this morning, and felt compelled to write a letter to highlight a sad and significant problem facing this town.

Having checked the pool timetable online we decided to take the family for a short swim in the pool during the public swimming period (7am to 8.45am) before the ‘Over 50s’ swimming session. It is so important to encourage our children to swim, particularly if they are going to enjoy the sea safely when they are older.

We were in the pool at 8am and out before 8.45am, and stayed in a very small space so to avoid anyone having a serious swim.

Unfortunately, it seemed we were trespassing on the private swimming session of a number of ‘VIPs’ who felt it was ‘our pool and our time’.

Not only did these cowardly swimmers mumble snide comments as my wife and children swam by, but when they didn’t notice my wife and daughter looking at swimming costumes in the shop after their swim, they complained to the kind man on the desk about the presence of children in the pool!

He politely pointed out that we were swimming at a time open to all the public and that the pool doesn’t discriminate on age.

Is there a problem in Sidmouth? Why are there such disrespectful and aggressive old people? Will I be so twisted and grumpy in my old age?

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Unfortunately I didn’t get to have a chat with these ‘charming ladies and gentlemen’.

I didn’t get the opportunity to explain that I grew up in Sidmouth. Nor share the fact that it was my parents and friends who pushed hard to raise money to have a pool in Sidmouth many years ago.

Dear ‘twisted ladies and gentlemen’, please show some maturity and respect. You know who you are. We all need to live together and we should all be trying to help promote this lovely town.

Contrary to the behaviour I witnessed today, I won’t be sitting on my car horn every time I get stuck behind a confused elderly driver. I will be showing them patience and respect, despite how annoying I might find it, as I know they are someone’s parent or grandparent.

Matt Malone

Tunbridge Wells