Without children there’s no future


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In response to the reader’s letter “Running wild” (Opinion, September 6) I would like to respond on behalf of a number of parents in the area.

We, like the vast majority of parents in this town, work extremely hard to provide a safe, loving and stable environment in which to bring up our children. Most couples both work and some parents even have two jobs.

We value the fact that our children are able to play with others of the same age, in the area in which they live, and appreciate the interaction and tolerance shown towards them by the rest of our neighbours, all of which are from the older generation, some well into their eighties.

Interaction with other age and social groups is all part of growing up. Children have to learn right from wrong and they need to make mistakes in order to learn lessons. Life is a practical experience learnt at home with your family and in the open air with others – it is not something you can learn from a textbook.

We also share your concerns that since the arrival of a particular family in the area a greater number of children are attracted to our neighbourhood, causing some behaviour that none of us would condone.

However, when we have witnessed or been informed of such acts, our offspring have been swiftly recalled to our homes and parental advice given on why such actions have been taken.

None of us wish any of our neighbours to feel uncomfortable in any way living in our street, but please communicate your concerns with us face to face rather than fill a quarter page rant in this newspaper.

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As a member of our community we really thought you would have been able to deal with this situation in a more public-spirited manner as all of us are approachable, law-abiding and biddable individuals.

As for the thought of your windows being targeted by bricks or having your tyres slashed – come on!

Let’s work together to clearly identify and banish any troublemakers who do not want to respect others. But please, don’t tar all of our children with the same brush by exaggerating isolated instances and demonising kids being kids.

Why not spend a little time interacting with our children in order to channel their energy to the benefit of everybody in the area?

Sidmouth may be a retirement haven, but without children it has no future. Help us to ensure that local children remain in the area and our beloved Sidmouth doesn’t turn into a lifeless, soulless society.

Neighbours of ‘Name and address supplied’