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I write in reference to the letter (Herald December 20) from Dick Beardsall on the regrettable dispute between the Ottery St Mary Town Council and Cllr Roger Giles.

Dick Beardsall does not represent my view in this case, or indeed many other residents of West Hill.

I imagine he uses his title as chairman to add weight to the expressed opinion, which I believe is mistaken.

Dick has a democratic right as an individual to express the view he has, but not on behalf of the West Hill community.

The facts are that Roger Giles knowingly broke the code of conduct - a councillor with 20 years’ experience.

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Any apology in this matter should come from Roger to his fellow councillors.

I would like to suggest Roger stops blowing his own trumpet and joins the orchestra - only teamwork among the elected members of Ottery St Mary Town Council will bring to an end this delicate and awkward matter.

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Pamela Howard

West Hill

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