Worthy of notice

The furore over the Old Fore Street noticeboard is an indication of the mindset of some of our councillors.

Councillor Frances Newth complains about retrospective planning applications, and that this particular application would set a precedent.

I take it that invoking the Freedom of Information act would show that no retrospective planning applications have been passed at all!

Councillor Peter Sullivan informs us that Old Fore Street is not a pedestrianised zone. Perhaps he can explain away the fact that a notice at the start of the street quite plainly states that the street is a Pedestrian Zone and that no vehicles, apart from those with permits, are allowed.

A fact that is reinforced by a second notice at the bottom of the street, facing back up, again informs us that apart from allowing access to the Anchor car park it is a pedestrian zone and no vehicles are allowed.

A traffic sign just before the Anchor informs that the road is now two-way. A second sign the other side of the Anchor, beyond their car park, is a no entry sign.

All this infers that the street is a one-way street. However, I am informed that the residents of the small housing development which is just beyond the noticeboard are allowed to turn left in their vehicles as they leave.

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The hazards caused by this concession are minimal, but does allow Councillor Peter Sullivan to state that Old Fore Street is two-way.

Councillor Mike Howe states that the board is “the wrong design, the wrong shape and in the wrong place”. So now a councillor is telling us how to design a notice board!

The fact that this board is in a well-read location and is out of the council’s control is, of course, nothing to do with their attempts to have it removed.

GT Bungay