Your number’s up!

SIR - So, one of our town councillors, as evidenced in the council meeting on November 7, is of the opinion that the march on November 2 received unimpressive support (in his words less than a thousand) and concludes that the many thousands who did not participate in this march are all on the side of East Devon District Council. How misguided can he be?

Come and face the great British public within Sidmouth, and you will quickly learn how wrong a conclusion. The strength of feeling against EDDC might well surprise you.

Furthermore, Mr Diviani, excellent in his role as tea boy, keeps rubbishing the noisy minority. Come and face the voters, Mr D, and really listen.

What gives him the right to believe that he is the fountain of all wisdom? Imagine going into a country pub for a drink and being told what is best or you. Why does assuming high office mean that certain councillors think that they are omniscient?

We deserve the ear of such officials. Remember, they are spending our money.

Failing this, come the next local elections, we may be equally deaf.

And if we local residents are such a pain in the backside, bring out the haemorrhoid cream – we are not going away.

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P Atkinson

Knowle Drive, Sidmouth