Fairtrade Fortnight began on Monday, February 21 and runs until Sunday, March 6.

For two weeks each year, thousands of schools, colleges and universities across the UK come together to learn from the people who grow our food and drinks, mine our gold and grow the cotton in our clothes – people who are often exploited and underpaid.

This year’s theme is climate change: research has found that 17 people from Côte d’Ivoire have the same carbon footprint as one person in the UK, but that Africa is the continent most vulnerable to climate change.

Locally, displays and a wide range of Fairtrade goods are on offer at Oxfam, Co-op, Waitrose, Lidl and other shops around Sidmouth during Fairtrade Fortnight.

There are also some special events:

Saturday, February 26: Fairtrade coffee morning, Sidmouth Library, 10.30am onwards

Sunday, February 27 and Sunday, March 6: Fairtrade Easter Egg display at the Parish Church; eggs also available to order before or after the 9.30am service

Sunday, March 5: Fairtrade goods on sale in the Methodist Church foyer, 10.30am until 3pm.