This week we take a look at a range of wildlife that can be found on our doorstep in The Byes captured by local photographer Paul Clayden.

Sidmouth Herald: Sidmouth-based photographer Paul ClaydenSidmouth-based photographer Paul Clayden (Image: Paul Clayden)

Paul is a professional photographer and also bar manager at The Radway Inn, spending more time behind his camera than behind the bar at the moment!
He has spent fifteen years photographing in and around Sidmouth and his recent project focusing on The Byes is the subject of these glorious photos.
Sidmouth Herald: A chance encounter with an otterA chance encounter with an otter (Image: Paul Clayden)

Sidmouth Herald: Egret hunting for fishEgret hunting for fish (Image: Paul Clayden)
The breadth of birdlife is very apparent, concentrating on the River Sid generates a quite different range of birds from those recently recorded in the Big Garden Birdwatch.

Sidmouth Herald: Goldcrest about to take flightGoldcrest about to take flight (Image: Paul Clayden)

Paul said: "Since the latest lock down I have plenty of spare time on my hands. I decided to restart my photography, and after investing in new equipment made the best of my daily exercise in The Byes, which is 100 metres from my house. We are so lucky to have this place in the town and I have shot over 25 different species of birds and wildfire, all found right under our noses."

Sidmouth Herald: Ducks ready to take a swimDucks ready to take a swim (Image: Paul Clayden)
Paul posts daily on many Sidmouth social media sites as well as his Facebook page: Paul Clayden Photography.
All the photos here and many more can be found on his website

Sidmouth Herald: Chaffinch having a drinkChaffinch having a drink (Image: Paul Clayden)

Sidmouth Herald: A robin sings in the morningA robin sings in the morning (Image: Paul Clayden)

Sidmouth Herald: A vocal wrenA vocal wren (Image: Paul Clayden)

Sidmouth Herald: Bumblebee and blossomBumblebee and blossom (Image: Paul Clayden)

Sidmouth Herald: Grey wagtailGrey wagtail (Image: Paul Clayden)

Sidmouth Herald: A dipper grabs a bite to eatA dipper grabs a bite to eat (Image: Paul Clayden)