Council tax charged by the district council is set to rise in 2019/20.

As part of the authority’s draft budgets, the council is proposing to increase its council charge for a band D property.

East Devon District Council’s (EDDC) draft budgets are set to go before its full council next month.

An EDDC spokesman said: “A 3.7 per cent or £5 a year increase is being proposed in the draft budget. It will be for full council to determine on February 27, 2019.”

Precepts from the police as well as the town, district and county councils make up the annual council tax bill for residents.

Devon County Council’s cabinet has noted that an increase of more than three per cent in council tax would trigger a referendum and that the adult social care precept could only increase by a maximum of one per cent.

Devon and Cornwall Police has launched a consultation to ask whether people would be willing to pay 41p extra for an extra 85 police officers by the end of 2020.