A BBC TV show in which DNA testing is used to ‘answer life-changing questions’ is looking for people to take part in its third series.

BBC2’s DNA Family Secrets is particularly keen to feature people who were separated from their families during WWII and would like to trace long-lost relatives. 

A spokesperson for the show said: “We’re reaching out to find people who were evacuated from cities to the countryside during the Second World War, who may have lost touch with their family and would be interested in taking part and using the latest scientific means to try and find them.

“We work with leading geneticists, genealogists and counsellors who will help people with specific DNA and ancestry questions.

“As in our previous two series, we will take people on a journey to find answers to long-held questions and analyse their DNA, guided by presenter Stacey Dooley, with scientific analysis led by Professor Turi King and her team based at the University of Leicester.”

Applicants can get in touch via emailing at DNA@minnowfilms.co.uk.