Stunning pictures of birds and animals at the River Sid have been captured by local wildlife photographer Mark Taylor Hutchinson.

He is known for travelling around the world to photograph marine wildlife, particularly sharks, but earlier this month he decided to move his focus closer to home.

He said: “When planning complex wildlife trips you seldom get the opportunity to have wildlife action not too far from your front door. Via the grapevine I had been hearing about good things happening on the River Sid. I couldn't ignore what I was hearing.

“With a few breaks in rain and the sun appearing, I headed to the river. It was one of those times when you get lucky. The kingfisher was catching small sea trout like a demon, then whilst this was happening the otter appeared out of the water with a large frog, then the cormorant appeared, dipper, should I go on? It was all happening in this wildlife purple patch.

“With images in the can I headed to Beckett's for a hot chocolate. I then finished off my day with the cormorant bathed in lovely evening light.”