An Ottery indie rock band have signed a 12-month recording contract and are embarking on a national tour.

The Kabins will record and release eight singles, and are playing their first tour date in Cheltenham on Friday, January 27. They are touring with Cigarette Social Club, an indie rock band from Birmingham and Cheltenham.

Fans in their home town will be able to see them at Ottery’s King of Clubs on Saturday, February 25, and in Exeter on Thursday, March 16.

The Kabins were formed by schoolmates Todd Gilronan (vocals/guitar) and Elliott Plance (guitar) in 2020. They were joined by Freddie Clarke (bass) and Felix Randall (drums) a few months later. They are influenced by the Fratellis, Arctic Monkeys and Oasis, and describe their sound as ‘unique and exciting - as if the Stone Roses and the Libertines had an only child and a messy divorce, overseen by The Strokes’.

Since they made their debut in April 2022 they have played several live shows in Devon and Cheltenham, quickly developing a large, devoted and loyal fanbase. Last summer, they released their debut EP ‘The Beehive Sessions’ which gained more than 15,000 organic plays on Spotify.

The EP caught the attention of Ciggy Sound, a label created on the back of Cigarette Social Club’s success over the past few years, and led to them signing the Kabins for an initial 12 months.

The Kabins, all of whom grew up in Ottery, said they are excited to be embarking on their first national tour. Lead guitarist Elliott Plance said: “We’re heavily influenced by the last wave of iconic indie rock bands and are determined to bring back honest, live guitar music. Cigarette Social Club are one of our favourite bands and this tour is going to be amazing. We are truly grateful for this opportunity and we can’t wait to get on the road.”

Meanwhile, The Kabins’ second single 'Leave Me Alone’ is due out on February 14 on all the streaming platforms and the Kabins are currently writing songs for their upcoming debut album as well as booking gigs and festivals across the country.