Sidmouth’s sustainable future is the key discussion point that the Vision Group for Sidmouth (VGS) are focusing on; inspiring projects and generating ideas.

But much of our work is driven by loyal and dedicated volunteers. Real progress has been made over the past year in restoring the Glen Goyle, a historic garden in the heart of Sidmouth, and consideration is now being given to the next stage. If you have a memory or photographs of the Glen from years gone by, we would be very interested to hear from you. We are keen to ensure that the Glen is restored in a sympathetic way and builds on past planting schemes. Please visit our website and get in touch with us with your memories at

Sidmouth Herald: The Friends of Glen Goyle working party at their first session

The Glen Goyle volunteers are not the only ones getting Sidmouth ready for a greener future as we are receiving many green-fingered applicants in our Sustainable Sidmouth Champions Awards! The scheme is still ongoing: entries are invited from individuals, businesses, educational establishments and groups and organisations who are doing their bit for a more sustainable future. Actions to live, work and use our leisure time more sustainably should be recognised and promoted and an entry into the awards scheme will do just that. Details of the scheme can be found on the website.

The results of the survey conducted by our Sidmouth Cycling Campaign are in the process of being analysed and will be announced shortly. We continue with our mission to promote safe and pleasant cycle routes in and out of the Sid Valley.

At VGS we also consider proposals from East Devon District Council which impact Sidmouth and the surrounding area. Recent proposals of street trading from the council have been made, with concerns raised over how the erection of stalls throughout so many of our beautiful and historic streets will impact residents and businesses. Following a period of consultation we hope that such proposals will be amended, with council members gaining an understanding of views from those living in Sidmouth so that new proposals can align with our vision for a sustainable Sidmouth.

The VGS will be making its own submission – based on studies of the proposals' impact on the local economy and streetscape – so do get in touch with us by Sunday 26th if you'd like to contribute.