Money confiscated from criminals by the police has been donated to West Hill Wasps Junior Football Team.

The club, for players aged six to 18, had applied for money to pay for a new goal, and the bid for £1717.00, has now been approved by Devon and Cornwall Police.  

Under the Proceeds Of Crime Act 2002 (POCA) police can apply to seize assets from convicted criminals in certain cases and the funds can be distributed by police forces to their communities.

The Wasps  are an FA Charter youth football club providing training, activities and matches for around 150 local children every week

Club coach Allen Morgan said: “We applied for the funds to help us get better team equipment and we are so grateful it has been approved, this is great news for the club. It’s good that confiscated drug dealers' money is now being put back into the community and that they won't see the benefit of it.”

Neighbourhood police teams across Devon and Cornwall are encouraged to engage with their local community groups and find possible organisations who could benefit from the money seized from criminals. The funding may be used to help vulnerable people or to support activities that help to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour.