A performance by the Bicycle Ballet is among the entertainment on offer at Sidmouth Sea Fest this Saturday (May 20).

The festival has a strong focus on community and the environment, and the Bicycle Ballet’s show – performed by acrobatic dancers on bikes - will promote the pleasures and environmental benefits of cycling.

Sea Fest’s overall theme this year is Driftwood and Thrift, with an emphasis on creative re-using and recycling.

The Bicycle Ballet is being brought to Sidmouth by the Sidmouth Cycling Campaign, with the performance funded by the Sea Fest and Vision Group for Sidmouth (VGS).

Louise Cole, director of Sidmouth Coastal Community Hub which organises Sea Fest, said: “We are pleased to welcome Sidmouth Repair Café this year and the Wellbeing Health Action Team, along with Bicycle Ballet and Sidmouth Cycling Campaign – cycling is good for wellbeing and low cost and carbon neutral.  There will be lots of examples of environmental awareness and inventive activities from all the contributors that don’t cost the earth, literally!”

A spokesperson for the Sidmouth Cycling Campaign said: “We are all keen cyclists and recognise the urgent need for cycleways, so that the region can connect its main hubs for health and business reasons.

“As our recent survey recognised, the cycleways in and around Sidmouth only connect small areas. The public would like routes to Sidbury and Ottery specifically to open up the valley for healthy pursuits. Imagine the impact it will have on the area if people could cycle from Ottery to Sidmouth - this is great for people of all ages and will get people out of their cars, improving air quality and our natural habitat.

“We encourage all locals to come to the festival on foot or by bike. The time is now for demonstrating to local politicians that actions speak louder than words.”

Sidmouth Herald: Entertainment at Sidmouth Sea Fest

Sea Fest begins with music and comedy at the Friday Night Fundraiser on May 19, followed by the day of free events, activities and entertainment on Saturday.  There will be free arts and crafts, storytelling, stalls representing community groups and charities, and small food and trader stands on the Ham and the Esplanade.

Sidmouth Herald: Activities at Sidmouth Sea Fest

The Bicycle Ballet performances will be on the Esplanade at 2pm and 4pm.

Full details of the entertainment on Friday and Saturday can be found on the Sidmouth Sea Fest Facebook page.