Dangerous metal poles embedded in the sand of Jacob’s Ladder beach have been removed after photos of the hazard were shared on social media.

The poles were sticking out of the sand below the waterline, posing a danger to swimmers.

It’s not clear how they got there, but they were close to the walkway where scaffolding is in place for East Devon District Council’s work to improve the sea defences.

Sidmouth Herald: Metal poles in the sand at Jacob's Ladder beach

During last weekend (June 10 and 11) local tree surgeons Devon Arborists posted

the pictures in the Facebook group Sidmouth Community for the People, warning people to take care.

People reacted with shock and concern, with one person describing the embedded poles as ‘a horrible accident waiting to happen, especially when the tide is in and you can't see them’.

The Herald contacted the council on Monday, June 12, and was told that its contractors have now removed the poles.

A spokesperson said: “We are monitoring the site and will remove any further pieces of metal as they come to light. 

"While we try to make sure that our beaches are as safe as possible, it is important to remember that the coast is a constantly changing environment and no area can ever by guaranteed to be entirely free of hazards. 

"We would strongly encourage beachgoers not to dive or jump into any area of water without first checking for hazards and the depth of the water.  For more beach safety advice, follow this link: https://rnli.org/safety/beach-safety”