Sidmouth Campaign Against War (SCAW) are once again inviting residents and Folk Festival visitors to join them at the annual Remember Hiroshima event – part of the official Folk Festival programme.

The short commemoration will take place at 1.30pm on Sunday, August 6 in the Sensory Garden by the Ham.

The group says it accepts that, with war now raging in Europe as well as many other trouble spots around the world, there will be those who consider a quiet plea for peace a futile gesture at such a dangerous moment.

But it insists that this annual gathering is more important and relevant than ever.

Spokesperson Sharon Howe said: “At a time when the threat of nuclear war is greater than at any time since the terrible destruction caused by the bombing of Japan at the end of the Second World War, Remember Hiroshima gives us a chance to reflect upon the vile destruction that all war inflicts upon the world.

“But more than that, we hope to inspire everyone who takes part to make a small, positive difference in the months ahead. We’re asking people to take the message of peace into both their personal and political lives, helping the world to become a less violent place in whatever way they can. For some this will be through campaigning, while for others it may mean supporting victims, caring for those less fortunate or just being kinder to those around them. No opposition to violence or gesture for peace is ever a waste of time.”

All those taking part are welcome to offer a song or poem or just join for a few moments of quiet reflection and companionship.

For further information, contact Mark Gold or Sharon Howe on 01395 579353 or 07796 581915.