Sidmouth College is celebrating the success of its Year 13 students as they received their A-level and BTEC results today (Thursday, August 17).

Headteacher Sarah Parsons said the students have been ‘a credit to themselves and the college throughout their seven-year journey’.

She said: “The qualities that they have shown, commitment to their studies, positive attitudes to their learning, resilience, determination to succeed, support for each other, and desire to aim high, have meant that they are today finally able to see the rewards of their hard work.

“The results that our students have received today should now be celebrated. All of the staff at the College are incredibly proud of all these students.

"The importance of these results and qualifications is to provide options and opportunities for all students to further their education, training or employment. We work hard at Sidmouth College to foster a lifelong love of learning in all of our students and we are pleased that so many of them are continuing to further their education. A very large percentage of students will be moving onto university including Southampton, Reading, Cardiff, Exeter, Loughborough and York, studying a wide range of qualifications from Astrophysics and Law, to Engineering and Photography."

Some of the individual successes include:

Hollie Howe, BTEC Sport (D*D*A), going to study Health and Exercise Science at Bath.

Alex Bennett, Business (A) Geography (B) BTEC Science (Distinction).

Sunny Cole, Sociology (A); Media (A) English Lit (B). Going to Cardiff to study Media.

Daisy Dommett, Business (A*); History (B); Philosophy (B).

Jacob Green, Drama (A); Media (A); Geography (B). Going to Bristol University to study Geography with Innovation.

Harriet Marshall, Photography (A*); History (A); Philosophy (B). Going to Bristol to study Criminology.

Aimee Simpson, Sociology (A); Media (A); Psychology (B). Going to study Law.

Mrs Hurley, head of the sixth form, said: “We have the most outstanding set of students! The last four years have not been easy, but they have proved to be an exceptional group of individuals who have been an asset to our school and will go on to be an asset to which ever university or employer is lucky enough to have them.

“It must be remembered that these students have not sat any formal examinations due to the pandemic so they should be congratulated for what they have achieved this year. Their results are a testament to their academic ability, resilience and determination to show what they are capable of.”