Sid Valley Horticultural Society's 93rd annual Gardening and Craft Show, held at Sidford Social Hall on Saturday, August 19, was a great success.

There were opportunities for exhibiting flowers, fruit, vegetables, cookery, handicrafts such as knitted items and handmade greetings cards, and photographs. There were also WI, children's and young people's sections. The 92 categories included a specimen rose, the longest runner bean, a Bakewell tart, a soft toy, a wedding corsage, and a photograph of a river view.

In many categories the standard was very high. For example in the soft toy category the judges noted that there was 'Very little to choose between entries in this category. Well done all!'

Helen Munday is a keen gardener who entered the show for the first time this year and won multiple awards including the prestigious Banksian medal presented by the Royal Horticultural Society for the largest amount of prize points in the whole of the horticulture classes.

Helen said: “It's a lovely event and I've enjoyed seeing all the wonderful exhibits. I've really enjoyed entering the show and found that it's helped my horticultural skills to have something to focus on.”

Roger Cozens won the Challenge Tankard Cup, a men-only award for baking chocolate brownies. Roger also won the any other vegetable section with his pumpkin. Roger said: “It's a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere where everyone is encouraged to take part.”

Attendee Samantha Wynn said: “It's lovely to see the show still going strong after all these years. It brings people together and encourages them to try new things.”

The show ended with an awards presentation and raffle.

President of the Society Lady Cave presented the awards. She said: “It's been an exceptional year with over 500 entries. We're all very appreciative of the hard work by the committee and everyone involved in setting up the event. It's been so enjoyable with a fantastic turnout.”

The 94th show will be on Saturday, August 17, 2024, and show guides will be available at the Sid Valley Horticultural Society's Spring Coffee Morning at Sidford Social Hall, starting at 10am on March 30 2024. For more information check out their Facebook page.