An Ottery author explores retirement struggles in a new release, Two People: Three Months.

Philip Algar's poignant tale portrays a retired man, Michael Johnson, living in Torquay, battle the monotony of post-retirement life.

Teasing the interesting narrative, the author explains: "Michael has lost interest in virtually everything and suffers from boredom and a sense of futility.

"His sense of humour has vanished".

His wife, Ann, unable to revive his spirit, takes a trip to Aberdeen.

While she's away, Michael embarks on a journey to London, provoked by dreams.

Sidmouth Herald: Michael Johnson, living in Torquay, battles the monotony of post-retirement life

During this journey, he resuscitates his long-lost sense of humour, seeking to resolve past discouragements.

The narrative unfolds to reveal a journey challenging the status quo of retirement.

While Ann is away, Michael is visited by someone he met in London, stirring unexpected repercussions.

The narrative takes a dramatic turn when, weeks later, a menacing dream profoundly impacts the family.

Philip Algar added: "The book reveals a sensitive and sympathetic understanding of the problems many face but is balanced by an imaginative humour aimed at the way we live today."

The author aims to suggest that while retirement may be a maze of unchartered challenges, it can be navigated with resilience.

Readers can find the book at the Curious Otter bookshop in Ottery and on Amazon.