Teachers from Sidmouth are heading to the Royal Albert Hall this month, to attend the Music for Youth Proms.

Taking place on November 14 and 15, the proms will be presented by Jack Pepper from Scala Radio, and this year's theme is  ‘thankyourteacher.' Music teachers from Mike and Sarah Jenkins will sit on the panel of judges.

Two evening concerts will showcase full-scale symphony orchestras alongside Irish dancers, Japanese Taiko drummers and some of the best young jazz bands and singer-songwriters from across the UK. 

The concerts will debut songs from the musical DUET which is currently in development with a consortium of three major venues: the Southampton Mayflower, Salford Lowry and Norwich Royal theatres.  

The Prom Finale will see all forces come together for a song Mike wrote in theatre workshops in March; ‘In Tune’ – the campaign anthem – celebrates how music helps people understand ourselves and others. 

The proms have also launched a nationwide search for an exceptional young pianist to perform at the Royal Albert Hall two inspirational classical pieces, that will feature in the musical. 

Mike Jenkins said: "Sidmouth and in general Devon and the South West have strong links to the music world, hosting the jazz, folk and classical music festivals and we as teachers and mentors feel a huge responsibility to ensure music thrives, especially amongst the young. 

"When we moved to Devon from Surrey in 2017, our pupils were horrified. How could we leave them? We didn’t! Instead, we travelled up every other week but with lockdown it opened a world of online teaching.

"Now we teach one week online and one week face to face. At 80 and 60, we have no plans to retire, in fact, with the musical and book we are now starting our new adventure and can’t wait for the next chapter. 

I recently celebrated my 80th birthday next year and Sarah has just turned 60. We like to embody the spirit and values of the finest music teachers around, and so I hope that today’s Prom and eventually my new musical will be a fitting tribute. "