Local charity Project Food has announced a wine tasting evening in December.

The event, to be held at Woodlands Hotel on December 1, aims to bolster funds to continue the charity’s work across the South West.

Operating in East Devon, West Dorset, and South Somerset, Project Food strives to enhance people's diets, their mental health, and in turn their overall well-being.

Its target demographic is expansive, providing assistance to parents with children on free school meals, young homeless people, caregivers, single individuals, teens, widowers, and young carers.

Going beyond food distribution, the organisation aims for sustainable support.

It hopes to impart essential food skills and confidence, helping individuals maintain healthier diets amidst challenging circumstances.

The charity highlighted the transformation of John, a single father who battled serious mental health issues.

Thanks to support provided by Project Food, it helped him provide more nutritious food for his children, as well as helping him feel much better about himself.

This also led to a positive cycle of John cooking more, eating better and improving his physical and mental health.

Sidmouth Herald: The wine tasting evening will be held at Woodlands Hotel on December 1

To directly support Sidmouth residents, Project Food collaborates with the Salvation Army to deliver free bi-weekly recipe boxes to those struggling with mental health issues or living in poverty.

Furthermore, the organisation also offers one-on-one and group cooking sessions.

However, the ongoing cost of living crisis has led to increased food poverty among the populations they serve.

This situation calls for more effective interventions and funding.

In response, Project Food have therefore launched the fundraiser in Sidmouth.

Over the past few years, the small charity has faced challenges collecting donations due to event cancellations.

Despite the hurdles, the team is excited about their upcoming wine tasting event.

The evening, hosted by Dalwood Vineyard and Huskey Wines, is set to bring in much-needed funds to support their work.

Sidmouth businesses are invited to sponsor a wine at the event, contributing to the cause while promoting their brand.

For more information, contact the charity via email at kerry@project-food.org.uk, call at 01297 631782, and for text reach out at 07305 004631.