A road in Venn Ottery is set for a temporary closure in the new year to allow a stretch of 'failed road and bank' to be repaired.

Devon County Council announced the closure will start from January 15 and anticipates it will continue until February 10.

This was revealed in a public notice posted on the Public Notice Portal on December 28.

No vehicles will be allowed to proceed along the affected routes for the duration of this closure.

The works are due to necessary repairs on a 40-metre stretch of failed road and bank, which require an in situ mass concrete retaining wall and road reconstruction.

The council is directing traffic to an alternative route during this period through Venn Ottery itself and a series of rural lanes, including Green Lane and roads past Happy Valley Otter Dene and Pyne Lodge.

The scheduled works are being handled by Ultim8 Construction Ltd.

For further information, please contact 01404 46114.