A piece of 'rubbish' artwork by Sidmouth Repair Cafe was among the attractions at the town's first Winter Lights Festival earlier this month.

The team of fixers put their skills to work in a different way from usual to create an illuminated sculpture out of waste materials. They made a giant octopus from old vacuum cleaner parts, with plastic hose for tentacles. 

As part of the festival's illuminated installations trail, the octopus was lit up with LED lights, and its tentacles held various household items that are commonly thrown away instead of being repaired - toasters, irons, lamps etc. The exhibit was designed to reflect the festival's themes of marine stewardship, recycling and climate change. 

The festival organisers said: "Sidmouth School of Art invited the Repair Café to collaborate because initiatives like repair cafés get us thinking about our habits of throwing things away, and creating more sustainable ways to reuse and recycle our waste."

The Winter Lights Festival took place over two weekends in February and the Repair Cafe's octopus, named Ollie, attracted plenty of positive feedback.

One visitor said: “He looks so good, especially lit up, as do the rest of the wonderful light installations there!”

Dave Rafferty of the Repair Café said: “In terms of how it went, I think the festival was terrific despite the wet weather. The Repair Café fixers had a great time designing and building our contribution.

“Let's hope it happens again next year!”

The Repair Cafe will be holding its usual monthly session on Saturday, February 24 at the Youth Centre on Manstone Lane between 10am and 1pm.