The East Devon District Council is ramping up energy efficiency in 50 properties by using the HomeLINK Gateway and Environmental Sensors.

The council is mitigating its carbon footprint and progressing towards net zero, as part of the PAS 2035 retrofit programme, by implementing energy efficiency measures in response to the urgency of climate change.

Paul Ingram, manager of Programmed Works and Climate Change at East Devon District Council, said: "In the transformative journey towards achieving net zero in our PAS 2035 retrofit program, we found unparalleled satisfaction with the integration of Aico’s HomeLINK Gateway and Environmental Sensors.

"These cutting-edge technologies not only demonstrate our commitment to sustainability but will also play a pivotal role in optimising energy efficiency.

"We are buoyed by seamless implementation of these solutions, and immensely happy with the HomeLINK Gateway with its user-friendly interface and robust performance."

The UK Government's goal is to decarbonise all sectors towards a net zero target by 2050.

The council is leveraging Aico’s IoT technology to not only step up energy efficiency but also set a precedent for sustainable retrofit practices.

HomeLINK Gateways and Environmental Sensors will be placed in the residences, equipping residents with data to make informed decisions on energy use.

It gives the council access to non-intrusive actionable insights about their properties, helping identify those in need of upgrades which can improve the efficiency of the homes.

The HomeLINK Connected Home Solution from Aico integrates hardware and software to collect data from connected devices, converting it into actionable insights remotely available via the HomeLINK Portal.

The council will be able to monitor the temperature and humidity throughout a property, providing insights for improvements that can enhance the living conditions.

Steve Bulley, Aico regional specification manager Southwest, said: "In my role at Aico, I had the incredible opportunity to collaborate closely with East Devon District Council on implementing this PAS 2035 retrofit project.

"Our partnership with East Devon District Council was marked by a shared commitment to achieving energy efficiency and promoting sustainable practices in social housing in the South West.”

The data-driven approach aims to provide insights for a successful retrofitting process.

The council believes this contributes to the creation of better homes and communities, reflecting their commitment to fostering a greener East Devon.