Ottery St Mary Town Council has given its full support to a proposal that would reduce the speed limit to 20mph in the town.

A consultation by Devon County Council on the scheme ends on Wednesday, April 24.

The county council announced last May that Ottery met the criteria for a new 20mph zone, and the consultation is the next step towards introducing it.

There's already a 20mph speed limit in Longdogs Lane, which passes the local primary school. The new zone will include the rest of the town centre area.

The deputy Mayor of Ottery, Dean Stewart, said: “We have been campaigning for a 20mph zone for Ottery for several years and we are looking forward to the installation and I’m sure our residents will welcome its introduction.

“We want to encourage different driving attitudes which make the roads safer for all road users, especially cyclists, pedestrians and those using our narrow pavements.”

“By implementing a 20mph zone we hope to make Ottery a safer, more welcoming place to live and visit. The council has already commissioned a transport study and the second stage of that work will be undertaken shortly.”

The timetable for the introduction of the new speed limit isn't clear, but other towns have had their 20mph zones in place about three or four months after the consultation. 

Maps showing the new zone and more details about the benefits of the new 20mph zones can be found on the Ottery Town Council website.