The Devon Air Ambulance was in Sidmouth yesterday afternoon (Tuesday, April 23) after being called out to an injured cyclist.

A man was reported to have fallen from a bicycle and suffered a chest injury.

The helicopter was called out from Exeter at 3.17pm and landed about 10 minutes later at the lower end of The Byes near the Toll House.

The casualty was taken to Derriford Hospital for further treatment; no further details of his condition have been given.

The air ambulance helicopter was in The Byes for about an hour as paramedics attended to the casualty and brought him back to the aircraft. Pilot Richard Applegarth stayed with the helicopter and chatted to onlookers while waiting for the medics to return. 

As usual the helicopter attracted a lot of attention. Sarah Hulbert from the Groveside Guest House in nearby Vicarage Road came out to have a look at it; said she'd often seen the Air Ambulance land, but was usually too busy with guests to investigate.