A family-run group of hotels in Devon and Cornwall is spearheading an innovative chef training academy.

The Brend Collection is on a mission to nurture the chefs of tomorrow, as well as combatting the ongoing worker exodus in the hospitality industry.

It offers budding chefs an opportunity to train across the group's 11 hotels.

This hands-on experience widens their culinary skills and bolsters the collective strength of chef teams at Brend Collection.

The structured career progression, at its core, empowers aspiring chefs, providing them with the opportunity for growth and advancement within the company.

(Image: Brend Collection)

Executive head chef Stuart White is heading the initiative at Sidmouth’s Victoria Hotel.

With his wealth of experience, he seeks to redress the shortage of skilled chefs in the industry through this tailored training programme which aims to empower novice chefs to excel in their profession.

He said: "There are ongoing challenges faced by the hospitality industry, particularly regarding staff shortages, and it’s more important than ever to invest in the future of our workforce.

"By training aspiring chefs, we not only ensure the sustainability of our own establishments but also contribute to the hospitality industry as a whole."

(Image: Brend Collection)

The academy is set to provide young chefs with a well-rounded experience in various aspects of culinary expertise, from butchery and patisserie to sauces and banqueting, under the mentorship of Brend Collection’s head chefs.

The programme places great emphasis on innovation, creativity, and adaptability, key qualities that are much sought-after in today's culinary landscape.

Elaborating on the programme, Mr White said: "Through the training across the Brend Collection we hope to equip chefs with a comprehensive skill set covering all aspects of the culinary profession from food preparation, menu creation, significance of sourcing ingredients locally, to understanding customer preferences and evolving demands.

"It’s a thorough programme that will really help empower the next generation of chefs."

The Chef Academy also promises to provide a nurturing environment where career progression and mentorship are valued and prioritised.

For more details about the academy, visit careers.brend-hotels.co.uk.