On Friday, July 5, the Herald published a news story about the Exeter and East Devon charity Hospiscare, which is warning of changes and possible redundancies in its Hospiscare at Home service because of an ongoing funding shortfall.

Unfortunately some readers thought the article referred to Sidmouth Hospice at Home, which has received several calls from people anxious about its future. 

Sidmouth Hospice at Home is very keen to reassure people that it is a totally separate organisation and is not affected by changes at Hospiscare.

In a statement, Sidmouth Hospice at Home said: "Whilst we are saddened to hear this news, we would like to reassure our wonderful community that this is a different charity that does not provide services into Sidmouth, and that Sidmouth Hospice at Home will continue to provide the same leading service that is always has.

"The outlook for charities as a whole, but across the hospice sector in particular, is very challenging. At Sidmouth Hospice at Home, we rely upon the generosity of our community to raise the £890,000 that we need to provide our service each year in its entirety and, unlike others, without any funding from the NHS. We are the specialist hospice service for Sidmouth and Sid Valley.

"Please be reassured that our amazing specialist service remains as it always has been and will continue to serve our community whilst only ever striving to grow and improve, and to be free at the point of access for anyone and everyone who requires it."