The Summer Play Festival at the Manor Pavilion is well into its stride, and opening on Monday, July 15 is Yes, Prime Minister by Anthony Jay and Jonathan Lynn, directed by Rob McWhir.

Cast member Brendan Matthew, who is back in the Season after a break of two years, said: "Having toured the USA and played on Broadway, my heart still lies with the Sidmouth stage, so I'm super excited to be making my return as Bernard Woolley in Yes, Prime Minister and David Hinson in Party Piece.

Yes, Prime Minister is the 2010 hit West End spin-off of the much-loved 1980s BBC sitcom. It updates the satirical genius of the original series for the new Millennium in a riotous condemnation of the political machinations and media manipulation at No 10.

"The UK is in crisis: debt is spiralling, unemployment is on the rise and the fragile cabinet coalition, led by Prime Minister Jim Hacker, is at breaking point.

"Brendan Matthew will be playing Private Secretary, Bernard, Richard Stemp the Prime Minister, Jim Hacker, and Season treasure, James Pellow, will be Permanent Secretary, Sir Humphrey Appleby. Together they will chart the morally ambiguous waters of twenty-first century politics."

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